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About Kreso Cavlovic

Kreso Cavlovic, the son of Croatian parents was born and raised in Toronto; later living in Mississauga.

Kreso attended Sheridan College where he won an award for editorial illustration. He began work as a freelance illustrator, doing various projects for organizations such as TV Ontario, BASF and Southam. During this period Kreso continued to pursue a more personal vision through his paintings, drawings and sculptures.

The colours in his paintings are the colours he saw in his youth, visualized in the expressions around him.  What they told in words, he saw in colour, form and images.

Kreso's art is dynamic and thematically strong. While he is open to talk about his work, Kreso wants people to feel free to react individually, to discover for themselves the meaning contained therein.  Kreso maintains a spiritual link with Croatia, his ancestral homeland.

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Love is my gift

Kreso Cavlovic